Green Chemistry & Commerce Council Seeking Applications for Annual Technology Showcase


The Green Chemistry & Commerce Council (GC3), a business-to-business collaborative which advocates for the commercial adoption of green chemistry, is seeking applications from startup companies to compete in the GC3 Startup Network’s 4th Annual Technology Showcase, to be held May 7, 2019 in Cincinnati.

During the showcase, startups have the opportunity to pitch their chemicals, materials, products and manufacturing technologies to investors and companies scouting for green chemistry solutions.

Sixteen major companies—including BASF and Target—will be seeking sustainable solutions in a host of categories, including adhesives, coating technologies, fabric finishes and plasticizers; as well as ingredients including surfactants and fragrance raw materials for formulated consumer products.

Up to 10 semi-finalists will be invited to present their technologies; of these finalists, three will be chosen to pitch their solutions to a panel of investors and technology scouts on the main stage at the CC3 Investors Roundtable on May 8, 2019. More than 200 individuals from 125 member companies and other organizations will attend the roundtable.

Interested startups have until Feb. 1, 2019 to apply. The competition will consider chemistry technologies that can improve human and ecological health impacts, enhance energy efficiency, reduce environmental emissions and reduce waste generation, even if the application is not on the list of sustainable chemistry technology needs.

Semifinalists will receive a complimentary registration at both the Technology Showcase and Annual Investors Roundtable, as well as a one-year company membership in the GC3 Startup Network.

“The GC3 Startup Network identifies and supports green chemistry startups through mentoring and related programs, and serves as a resource for brands, retailers, and manufacturers to identify new sustainable solutions for their customers,” said Julie Manley, coordinator of the GC3 Startup Network.

The GC3 Startup Network Technology Showcase is part of the GC3 Annual Innovators Roundtable hosted, this year by GC3 member Procter & Gamble Fabric Care in Cincinnati, Ohio, May 7-9, 2019.

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