Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna: A Journey Into the Cosmetic Universe


Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2019 will take place on March 14-18, 2019, and offer attendees a glimpse at "time travel in the beauty universe." 

This year's event, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2019: A Journey Into the Cosmetic universe, Between Past Traditions and Future Avant-garde, will combine the latest technologies, innovative products, sustainable proposals, ingredients and treatments with ancient popular traditions, event organizers explained. 

A Sneak Peek at the 2019 Event

  • The Service Center: Attendees can experience formulations, materials, production processes and devices, with a special focus on sustainability and circular economy. 
  • Leonardo da Vinci- Genius and Beauty: An exhibit dedicated to the innovations brought by da Vinci to the cosmetic field. 
  • NO.CO.-No Compromise: A multi-sector installation, reproducing shows the technological cycle that leads to the sustainable industrial production of scalp oil. 
  • Cosmoprof and Cosmopack Awards: The awards were created to honor the most innovative projects presented by the exhibits at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2019.
  • CosmoTalks: Thirty sessions that offer beauty professionals, marketing and communication managers, R&D and brand managers an exclusive look at the evolution of the cosmetic industry of the future.
  • CosmoTrends: A preview of the "not-to-be-missed products" at the 2019 show. 
  • Beauty Gives Back Hosted by Boutique: 
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