Industry Veteran Nancy Allured to Retire

After 36 years of service, Nancy Allured, industry veteran and former publisher of GCI and Cosmetics & Toiletries magazines, will retire from Allured Business Media at the end of 2008. She sends the following message to her friends and colleagues in the industry:

As I reflect on this chapter in my life, I am thankful to the many people in the industry for years of friendship and support and who have been such an important part of my career and growth in the cosmetics and publishing industry. After 36 years in this industry, I am retiring to become more involved in my community near Chicago. There is so much to do, and I now can give it my full-time attention.

As always, Allured Business Media continues to be owned and managed by the Allured family. I am only one member of the family who has seen this company grow and thrive; we have already welcomed the fourth generation of family into the company. My sister, Janet (Allured) Ludwig, president, continues to build on the success of the family’s business, in addition to a whole team that has created our most recent successes—and they continue to become a bigger part of our family.

My time here has been fantastic, with great opportunities to know so many people, to travel to so many places and to learn so much. Now I look forward to learning new things and spending time with family and friends. I extend my sincere thanks to the people in the industry and in our company for being so much a part of my success and enjoyment in this business.

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