3 Green Retail Trends for 2022

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Creative branding company Skaggs Creative has predicted product packaging trends for 2022. Consumers everywhere, including spa-goers, will be factoring these three things into their decision-making process.  

1. The Unboxing Experience

Consumers will still be looking for the unboxing experience, but with less trash and layers involved. Look for clever ideas around this, as well as alternative materials such as mushroom-based cartons, banana husks and bamboo-based papers/cartons.

2. Refills

High-end refillables will be trending, with beautiful, eco-friendly packaging like glass containers that can be returned for free and refilled. Or, containers can become collectable items to prevent them from being discarded. Creams and serums will also be filled in silicone or biodegradable pouches that can be inserted into glass jars. As for cleansers, look for solid block soaps and facewashes that come in paper-based containers (cotton, hemp or bamboo).

3. No More Waste

Consumers are over plastic bottles and containers, Styrofoam, unnecessary ribbons around packaging, and printed foil colors (not recyclable). Oversized and unnecessary packaging that adds waste, weight and shipping costs are also on their way out.

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