Animal-tested Cosmetics Now Banned in Turkey


Turkey is now the latest country to join the group of countries that have banned animal testing for cosmetics which includes the European Union (EU), Norway, Israel, India, the state of São Paulo in Brazil and New Zealand.

According to the Daily Sabah, the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Administration of Turkey added a new article to its new cosmetics industry regulation and has banned any animal testing for cosmetic products that have already been introduced to the market. In addition, the report said that according to the new regulation, companies have to list the ingredients of their products in detail and inform their customers with Turkish tags even if they keep their original logo and tag on the product.

Recently, the U.S. has followed suit towards the global push to eliminate animal testing for cosmetics by introducing a House bill on the matter. According to the Animal Welfare Institute, over 500 cosmetics brands are already using alternatives to animal testing which is driving the demand for in vitro studies that can serve as a replacement. And companies like L'Oréal have formed partnerships with biotech companies to use 3D bioprinted skin tissue for beauty product testing as an alternative

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