BASF Clinical & Consumer Testing Center to Focus on Novel Claims

BASF (Tarrytown, New York) has opened a new clinical and consumer testing center at its existing 160,000-sq-ft R&D facility.

The Tarrytown Consumer Testing Center (TCTC), as it is called, features clinical instrumentation for researching novel claims and clinical imaging for personal care applications.

Read more about labeling claim rules here.

Clinical trials began in early June.

“For example, we are able to support advanced anti-aging claims by analyzing 3D images of the skin surface," said Wendy Chan, clinical research manager. "We have also developed methods to measure facial skin radiance through image analysis.”

BASF research areas include skin pigmentation, skin aging, protection against environmental stress and modulation of hair growth.

The consumer tests evaluate consumer perception and acceptance of formulations designed with the BASF product portfolio.

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