Cognis Introduces Green Formulation Grid

In 2007, Cognis Care Chemicals introduced the Green Chemical Solutions (GCS) classification system for its natural-based personal and home care products. Now, Cognis is taking that system into phase two by focusing on the natural basis of its formulations through a new Green Formulation Grid. The grid shows customers what percentage of natural ingredients are contained within a Care Chemicals product, with formulations that are differentiated by four categories describing their level of vegetable-based and renewable ingredients, while also focusing on different types of consumers.

Formulations in the “Eco-Passion” category are indicated by an icon showing four green leaves. These contain the highest level of natural, renewable components. The “Eco-Spirit” category is denoted by an icon with three green leaves and features slightly less natural ingredients. The third category, “Eco-Mind,” is indicated by two green leaves. Formulations in this category are aimed at consumers who are interested in doing something good for the environment, but who decide this on a case-by-case basis. Lastly, “Eco-Image” is denoted by one green leaf and reflects formulations for eco-friendly hopefuls on a tighter budget.

In addition, the grid denotes performance quality for formulations—from classic products suitable for the whole family at a reasonable price to advanced products, and finally, to superior products targeted at demanding eco-conscious consumers.

“We have developed a system which enables manufacturers to see at a glance if the formulation they want to develop is technically feasible, and what combinations of performance and naturalness are possible for the targeted application,” says Rita Köster, global marketing director, home care/I&I.

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