New Innovation Centre, Sustainability Achievements, and More Beauty Ingredient News and Launches for Late October 2013

The Lubrizol Corp. has grown its presence in Asia by opening an Innovation Centre in Singapore. The new Innovation Centre is home to application development and technical service for the personal care, home care and performance coatings businesses in Asia.

CDP announced Croda is featured on its Climate Disclosure Leadership Index for leading on climate change transparency, which is a part of the company’s continued commitment to sustainability. One of only 41 companies in the FTSE 350 to feature on the Leadership Index, the leading position is indicative of high scores based on good internal data management and understanding of climate change related issues affecting the company. These issues include greenhouse gas emissions, emissions reduction targets and the risks and opportunities associated with climate change.

Safic-Alcan, an international group of chemical distribution specialties, has acquired Laserson, a French chemical distributor.

Induchem was recognized for its Neodermyl ingredient during the recent SEPAWA congress in Germany. The recognition honors the development of novel active or functional ingredient that successfully demonstrates improvement or advantage over current approaches, a high level of innovation, a wide applicability, and a novel approach. Additionally, the company is launching a new iteration of its website, featuring all of Induchem’s locations, its product portfolio, links to its social networking sites, articles and more.

Oat Cosmetics released long-term clinical trial results on its range of optimized extruded colloidal oatmeal, Oat COM. The results show that even at a small inclusion rate of 3%, this colloidal oatmeal displays rapid and sustained anti-aging effects.

PhytoflORAL, ‎IBR’s patented nutricosmetics innovation, was awarded Frost & Sullivan’s New Product Innovation Leadership Award for Nutricosmetics Ingredients Europe 2013.

To assist its customers with the laborious preparation of the cosmetic product safety assessment, Rahn collaborated with dermatest to conduct exposure assessments on its cosmetic actives and evaluate their toxicological profile with emphasis on MoS calculation. These detailed safety assessments are now available for most of the company’s actives upon request.

Multiceras has named Horn the distributor of its natural, synthetic and petroleum waxes in the Western United States. These waxes are used for personal care, cosmetics, HI&I and food technology applications.

Kemin has announced that more than 50% of its rosemary production is certified as Sustainably Grown following a third-party audit conducted by SCS Global Services (SCS). The remaining fields are scheduled to be audited this year and certified before the 2014 cropping season.

NuSil Technology has opened a stocking warehouse in Rotterdam, Holland. Shipments of NuSil silicone have already commenced from the facility.

Salvona Technologies announced its collaboration with two new distributors, SMA Collaborations and CSFormulation, to increase the awareness and availability of Salvona’s technologies throughout the Southeast and North Midwest, respectively.

Clariant is featuring three product ranges that are part of the company's new Secret Code of Beauty concept at in-cosmetics Asia in Bangkok. The ranges are based on the company’s new Nipaguard Zero preservative blends, Plantasens natural ingredients, and Atristoflex Velvet polymer. Additionally, a presentation by Mildred Estrada, technical accounts manager for Clariant Singapore, entitled “Uncover the Secret Code of Beauty with Aristoflex Velvet” will provide information on the benefits of Aristoflex Velvet and the principles of Clariant's Secret Code of Beauty.

New Launches

Sederma utilized a new process to create a shea butter with three times the content of unsaponifiables. This higher concentration of the active part of shea butter makes NG Shea Unsaponifiable especially suitable for lip moisturization and repair. It soothes irritated lips and rebuilds lip’s integrity to restore barrier function and improve hydration. The company found in vitro that lips are repaired and moisturized after two days of treatment with the ingredient. The shea complies with the Ecocert natural and organic cosmetic standard and the Chinese regulation for cosmetic ingredients.

DSM Personal Care, a long-standing producer of vitamins, is expanding its portfolio with a vitamin A for anti-aging. Retinol GS 50 is active in the dermis and epidermis. It boostins collagen production in the skin, stimulates keratinocyte proliferation and thickens the epidermis, and inhibits tyrosinase activity. It visibly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; increases skin firmness, tonicity and smoothness; and evens out dark spots and age spots. These skin benefits can be seen as early as four weeks after commencing use.

Berg & Schmidt introduced a range of phosphatidylcholine (PC) fractions of lecithin from either soy or sunflower that can be used to manufacture liposomes, nanoemulsions, oleogels or formulations that are physiologically related to skin. Both BergaSom Soy and BergaSom Sun are comprised of PC, a natural and fundamental part of all cell membranes. The linoleic acid and choline it contains are substances that the human body cannot synthesize on its own. The range includes: hydrogenated (BergaSom Soy 75H and 90H and non-hydrogenated (BergaSom Soy 50, 75 and 90) fractions from soy and hydrogenated (BergaSom Sun 75H and 90H and non-hydrogenated (BergaSom Sun 50, 75 and 90) fractions from sunflower. The non-hydrogenated versions of the range contain a high proportion of linoleic acid, making them beneficial for skin damage such as acne. This acid is needed to produce liposomes that enable active ingredients to penetrate the skin. The non-hydrogenated lecithins can also be used to make nanoemulsions and lipogels without emulsifiers. The hydrogenated fractions allow formulators to make products that maintain the skin barrier and prevent TEWL.

KahlWax presented a versatile rice-bran wax that can be used to lend consistency to oil gels such as lipsticks, hair wax and mascara. KahlWax 2811 (Rice Bran Wax) is a slightly yellow, natural ester wax extracted from rice bran. Similar to carnauba wax, rice wax has a high melting point. Its high crystallinity and the typical oil-binding capacity this produces make rice bran wax well suited for enhancing the consistency of oil gels, particularly soft oil gels. When combined with beeswax, it lends gloss to lipsticks and makes them able to withstand high temperatures. Addition of rice wax allows w/o emulsions to go on comfortably, leaving the skin feeling soft with no stickiness. When combined with berry wax, rice wax resembles beeswax, resulting in an ideal, vegetable-based “beeswax” for vegan products.

Naturex launched NAT oleis, a range of botanical oils of high purity, selected from around the globe for their outstanding benefits. NAT oleis is a range of 13 botanical oils whose sensorial profiles and efficacy are in line with ethics and responsibility. Naturex oils have all undergone a strict and rigorous cold-press process for extracting the oil from the kernel or the fruit. This eco-friendly method does not involve the use of organic solvents and preserves the actives. The group is also able to offer several organic references thanks to the COSMOS certification of its Avignon, France, site. In order to preserve the properties of these oils and improve the shelf life of the most sensitive ones, Naturex also developed a set of natural antioxidant solutions that provide protection from oxidation. Each botanical oil has a unique composition in fatty acids (monounsaturated and essential) and unsaponifiable compounds and offers different benefits for hair and skin care. For example, the richness in oleic acid of Ungurahui oil makes it the perfect ingredient for repairing dry skin and hair. Naturex also offers a unique cold-pressed cranberry oil. The proprietary process used to extract the oil allows it to maintain its high content in tocotrienols, antioxidants that are particularly beneficial to mature skin.

Gattefossé is debuting its new ingredient, Cytobiol Iris A2, at the 2013 in-cosmetics Asia in Bangkok. Created as a new active solution to treat blemishes and problem skin by helping to control shine and keep the skin clear throughout the year, as well as target imperfections and improve the overall texture of the skin, the new ingredient combines a purifying iris extract with seboregulator vitamin A and zinc salt. This trio of active ingredients purifies the skin, reducing comedones and blocked pores. The symptoms of oily skin are reduced and the complexion becomes clearer, more even and less shiny. Compliant with Chinese regulations, Cytobiol Iris A2 is an ideal purifying solution dedicated to oily and combination skins of all ages.

Novacyl announced the launch of YSA, YMS and YOS, three new brands of salicylic acid, methyl salicylate and octyl salicylate. According to the company, the new brands reflect Novacyl’s willingness to boost its penetration in targeted markets such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Compliant with U.S. and Europe pharmacopeias and paraben-free, the Novacyl range meets the needs of a range of applications to be used in fragrance and cosmetic products, among others.

People News

Ashland announced that it is realigning senior leadership within two commercial units. John E. Panichella, a senior vice president with Ashland, has been named president of Ashland Water Technologies. For the past two years, he had served as president of Ashland Specialty Ingredients. And Luis Fernandez-Moreno has been appointed senior vice president of Ashland and president of Ashland Specialty Ingredients.

Heiko Prade, PhD, to director of R&D, CLR Chemisches Laboratorium.

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