Ascential Unveils Edge by Ascentials


Ascential, a global specialist information company, has announced the launch of Edge by Ascential, a next-generation data, insights and advisory service for brand manufacturers and retailers.

The technology features foundational elements from Brand View, Clavis Insight, One Click Retail and PlanetRetail RNG. Edge by Ascential offers customers comprehensive, actionable e-commerce-driven data, insights and advisory solutions to measure performance and drive sales. This includes:

  • Weekly, daily and real-time digital shelf performance metrics
  • Monitoring of price movements, promotions, availability, product content changes and new product listings
  • SKU- and category-level online sales and share
  • Traffic, search optimization and conversion measurements
  • In-depth price and promotion analytics and benchmarking
  • Competitive and market intelligence
  • Omni-channel go-to-market and market optimization strategies

“With today’s launch we are bringing to life Ascential’s vision of creating the world's best, most complete and accurate retail analytics product to help brands and retailers succeed wherever they are now online and where they plan to be in the future,” said Michael Lisowski, president of Edge by Ascential and COO of Ascential. “Over the past few years, Ascential has methodically acquired the industry's best solutions and then invested to take these solutions to the next level. Edge by Ascential is that next level: we are now able to provide our customers, who up until today have had to rely on multiple solutions providers, a complete picture of their online performance, be it digital shelf analytics, online sales and share measurement, market optimization intelligence or product pricing and promotion tracking. The human and technological expertise from these top companies we've acquired will enable us to further innovate services that will take our customers to their next level of success.”

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