Hydrosome Labs Develops Ultrafine Bubbles for Active Ingredient Delivery

The process utilizes ultrafine bubbles to deliver active ingredients to cells more efficiently and completely.
The process utilizes ultrafine bubbles to deliver active ingredients to cells more efficiently and completely.
Image by Hydrosome Labs

Start-up company Hydrosome Labs has developed ultrafine bubbles for efficient and more complete active ingredient delivery, a natural and chemical-free process that improves the use of water in formulas.

Commercial uses include helping plants grow faster and healthier with less fertilizer, improving nutrient uptake in skin care, delivering faster, longer lasting and enhanced hydration in performance drinks and more efficient precision fermentations, per the company.

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Through the company's process, water is transformed into a functional ingredient and active delivery system that enhances the efficacy and performance of ingredients and formulas, offering benefits from wrinkle reduction to increased firmness, elasticity and hydration, per the company.

Hydrosome’s ultra-fine bubbles, “Hydrosomes,” have four characteristics:

  • Significantly higher surface area vs. bubbles in regular water making them better transporters to cells.
  • Up to 18 months longer shelf life over other ultrafine bubble technology;
  • Their size and concentration allows for better delivery of active ingredients to cells; and
  • The process is sustainable. There are no added chemicals or consumables as part of the process and it takes very little energy to operate, per the company.

The company plans to use its discovery to create an ingredient brand for firms using water to deliver active ingredients and will announce a licensing deal with a major beauty company in the coming months.

Paul Gadbut, CEO of Hydrosome Labs, commented: “Simply put, water is essential to life. It’s second only to oxygen as the most essential substance for survival, yet people take for granted that it will always function the same... History is filled, though, with natural substances improved upon for the benefit of society – carbon into carbon fiber, silica into computer chips, and more. What if water itself could be improved naturally and sustainably? That’s what our technology does.”

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