Certain Claims May Not Influence Purchase

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Women are cynical about scientific claims from antiaging products and are confused by the effectiveness of cosmeceuticals, according to a U.K. survey commissioned by P&G brand Olay Regenerist. In the report, only 12% of the 1,152 women surveyed said scientific claims on packaging had any influence on their decision to buy an anti-aging product.

In addition, 43% of respondents were unclear about which ingredients really work, and more than half reported using a simple cleansing, toning and moisturizing skin care routine to combat aging. When it comes to buying an anti-aging product, 57% of the respondants opted for well-established and trusted brands, and 52% identified price as an important aspect.

According to the survey, the main aging concerns of women in the U.K. include loss of elasticity, wrinkles and fine lines.

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