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Bell Reveals Top 10 Fragrance Trends for 2010

Bell Flavors & Fragrances
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The perfumery and marketing teams at Bell Flavors and Fragrances put together a list of top trend concepts for 2010. Trends in the fashion, art, color, culture and entertainment industries were analyzed. Through these influences, Bell was able to select new fragrance notes/accords then matched them with consumer trends to create fragrance profiles for each note/accord.

Here is the top 10 list along with the fragrances that were developed for each trend:

  1. Youthful—Grapefruit Rhubarb Rose
    Trend Definition: Young vibrant colors, fabrics and accords that make you feel young and light at heart.
    Fragrance We Developed: Juicilicious, a bright, light and lively feminine creation.
  2. Androgynous—Seashore Driftwood
    Trend Definition: Styles that can work for both men and women.
    Fragrance We Developed: Illusion, androgynous blend of exotic materials to provide a sophisticated fragrance for him and her.
  3. Shocking—White/Amber
    Trend Definition: Over the top.
    Fragrance We Developed: Love Kills Slowly, a Daring Creation for Women that brings the shock and ahhh to anyone's style.
  4. Relaxed Traditional—Mahogany Vetiver
    Trend Definition: Sleek cuts with different fabrics has set a tone making the overall traditional style more relaxed.
    Fragrance We Developed: Yogalates, feminine floral creation that combines unique notes into a sophisticated setting.
  5. Provocative—Absinthe
    Trend Definition: Shockingly sexy.
    Fragrance We Developed: @, it’s not a typothis fragrance name is “@” because it mixes traditional fragrance accords with an unusual absinthe type twist.
  6. Simplistically Fashionable—Mandarin/Orange Blossom
    Trend Definition: Functional and basic styles. A less is more mentality; get away from labels and sticking to trends.
    Fragrance We Developed: Simply Chic, brings the simple fashion of yesterdays elite into today's masses.
  7. Planned Simplicity—Mojito
    Trend Definition: A Zen-like mentality, where everything has a natural flow.
    Fragrance We Developed: Simple Life, sexy clean sweet green notes make you ready for a few more Mojitos and '50s-style cars.
  8. Dualism—Woody Iris
    Trend Definition: Having an appearance of one style but then could be interrupted in a completely different way, such as it is modern because it is retro.
    Fragrance We Developed: 2-sided, what for the dry down and your experience dualism at its best with this complex fragrance.
  9. Transparent Fashion—Satin Wood
    Trend Definition: Going with a personalized style that is elegantly distinctive with classic basics.
    Fragrance We Developed: See thru Soul, beautiful top notes seduce your soul.
  10. Bold Accents—Szechwan Pepper
    Trend Definition: Scaled down bling, loud vibrant yet tasteful trends with a bit of eccentricity.
    Fragrance We Developed: A Blurred Line, warm masculine notes, highlighted with a fresh in-your-face top note blend.

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Juicilicious: Notes

Top Note: Grapefruit, lemon blend with a crisp, lively green and apple note.

Middle Note: Elegant, yet youthful, floral bouquet of full bloom jasmine and diffusive white rose perked up by the fruity base notes.

Base Note: Deep fruity peach, prune and raspberry notes enrobed in a very airy precious wood, violet, orris, warm amber and white musk background.


Illusion: Notes

Top Note: Spanish grown Lavandin, 4x lemon oil from Florida and a nuance of the California coast.

Middle Note: Soft, spicy cardamom oil, Tunisian rosemary and cyclamen.

Base Note: A contemporary musk blend, Indonesian patchouli and two unique amber notes.


Love Kills Slowly: Notes

Top Note: Orange citrus with luscious black currant fruitiness.

Middle Note: Generous and opulent floral bouquet of rose, lily of the valley and jasmine with a slight marine touch.

Base Note: Precious woody, musk and warm amber background with juicy fruity peach, raspberry and sweet benzoe undertone.


Yogalates: Notes

Top Note: Sparkling citrus notes of lemon, lime and bergamot accented with a touch of summer melon.

Middle Note: A bouquet of lily, rose, magnolia and freesia, with rich jasmine, neroli and tuberose heart.

Base Note: Clean musk with a touch of warm amber and patchouli. Rich balsams extend the finish.


@: Notes

Top Note: Bergamot, lemon, lime, grapefruit and mandarin oranges and has a touch of Mediterranean ocean breeze.

Middle Note: An anise flower accord combines with warm herbs such as laurel leaf, bay, black pepper, and clove with a hint of wormwood. Warm resinous olibanum aids the transition from the mid note to the base.

Base Note: Tonka beans, sensuous woods, rich amber and powdery musks support the fragrance.


Simply Chic: Notes

Top Note: Ripe oranges, mandarin, zesty limes and citrus notes.

Middle Note: A floral heart of rose, lily and jasmine.

Base Note: Sweet musk background.

Simple Life: Notes

Top Note: Juicy lime fruitiness and peppermint freshness.

Middle Note: Exhilarating and inebriating potent kick of rum and tequila.

Base Note: Rich amber support the base.

2-sided: Notes

Top Note: Sweet mixed tropical fruits.

Middle Note: Violet, rose, and geranium.

Base Note: Sweet musk background.

See Thru Soul: Notes

Top Note: Fresh orange and lime enhanced with clove.

Middle Note: Rose, lavender and vanilla with notes of pine.

Base Note: Rich woods, with clean musks and cedar.


A Blurred Line: Notes

Top Note: Grapefruit, citrus bouquet (tangerine, lime, lemon, orange bergamot) with a fresh dewy marine top, hint of green apple skins and violet leaf with the tanginess of black currant and rhubarb. Concentrated grapefruit extracts enhance the natural juicy citrus aspects. Szechwan pepper absolute takes a prominent stage, and tempers the bitterness of the grapefruit.

Middle Note: A floral heart of lily, freesia muguet, genet and rose absolute, with the mystery of jasmine, orchid and iris.

Base Note: A warm sweet resinous accord of benzoin, honey, wheat germ absolute enhanced with cedarwood, patchouli and sandalwood. Sexy warm musks complete and round the fragrance.

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