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Innerbark and Sulapac Partner on Biodegradable Packaging

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To fight against plastic pollution, the beauty and personal care industry is moving towards sustainable packaging.

Innerbark's affordable luxury body and skin care line was launched earlier this year, featuring Sulpac's biodegradable water-based packaging.

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Sulapac has also collaborated on packaging with brands such as I+M, Edinburgh Skincare, RDP Skincare and Akane.

Nichola Vickers, CEO and co-founder of Innerbark, said, “Our mission is to replace conventional plastics completely, and the partnership with Sulapac made it possible for us.”

Suvi Haimi, Ph.D, CEO and co-founder of Sulapac, said, “Sustainable is not enough. Recyclable is not enough. Furthermore, sustainable alternatives can sometimes fall behind on aesthetics and not meet the high standards of premium and luxury brands. Trailblazers in beauty demand more–they want sustainable, beautiful and functional packaging.”

Haimi said, “The change is inevitable. People trust brands and companies to take action towards a more sustainable future–and do so without compromising on quality. For the beauty industry, this means that all brands from mainstream to luxury need to find sustainable solutions for both packages and what is inside them.”