Dermatology Devices Market to Grow to 16 Billion by 2022

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As the baby boomer generation grows older and skin cancer awareness becomes more mainstream, the attention around anti-aging and skin care is rising. According to a new market research report, published by Scalar Market Research, the dermatology devices market is expected to grow from $8.66 billion in 2016 to $16.05 billion by 2022.

Industry Insights For the Increase in the Dermatology Devices Market

  • There has been an increase in consumer awareness when it comes to aesthetic procedures as well as a high amount of skin disorders, technological innovations and rising health care expenses. 
  • The high availability of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures will help boost the market.
  • The large amount of skin cancer threats will make its diagnosis a leading application in the market segment.
  • Cosmetic surgery is in demand all over the world and has grown enormously over the past few years.
  • There is concern that strict regulatory policies in emerging economies may impede the growth of the market.

For the full report please visit: scalarmarketresearch.com