Quadpack Focuses on Niche Packaging


When it comes to fragrance packaging, niche is the new normal. At least, that's how Quadpack sees it. 

Quadpack, a company specializing in beauty packaging, is reportedly prepared with a "forward-looking strategy" that will add more diversity in components, usage and materials to its portfolio and bespoke projects. 

Isabelle de Maistre, head of the fragrance division, explained, "Creating something truly unique is a complex process, requiring a broad yet profound knowledge base. This must cover the market, trends, design, craftsmanship and industrialization. Above all, it must include a deep understanding of the needs of the brand in order to provide the right level of service and support."

She continued, "At Quadpack, we are in a position to offer a holistic service that pulls together our expertise in all aspects of beauty packaging. Our strategy combines our industry know-how with our design talent, to conceive great ideas. Our manufacturing expertise allows us to practically realize the dreams of our clients. Our dedicated fragrance team supports them from design to delivery. In this way, we are able to deliver true differentiation. We are what I like to call 'universal experts'."

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