Foil Packs a Punch: Metallized Packaging Increases Chance of Purchase


Foils and laminates used to adorn packaging may have a much bigger impact on consumers than originally thought. 

According to a study from Package InSight at Clemson University, titled, “Brand impact delivered through packaging,” consumers seemed to have a preference for luxury chocolate packs that have been foiled or laminated.

Inside the Study

  • 70 participants wore eye-tracking glasses that recorded their eye movements while selecting products from a shelf
  • Researchers analyzed the “nonconscious” signals that informed participants’ behaviors and purchasing decisions
  • Participants’ gazes were attracted to laminated or foiled packagingmore frequently and for longer periods of time than packaging without laminated and foiled details
  • The study found that participants were more likely to select and “purchase” these metallized packs than their identical but un-metallized counterparts

Richard Burhouse, commercial director at API, the study’s sponsor, was quoted saying, “The study provides quantitative data on the impact of foils in delivering brand and shelf impact. It is clear from the results that, applied intelligently, foil can significantly boost the chances of luxury chocolate products in a retail store environment – a finding that could greatly impact the future of luxury packaging.”

More information regarding the study can be found in the API ‘Brand impact delivered through packaging’ white paper here.

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