New Hybrid Packaging to be Used for Professional Hair Care Products


Treofan has debuted its hybrid packaging solution, HybraPack, which was developed with paper manufacturer Felmuehle Uetersen.

The packaging was designed to have strongly sealed, leak-proof seams and a barrier action that can be tailored to the storage life of the package contents. According to Treofan, the outside provides almost unlimited design versatility and opening aids and resealing options can be incorporated on a custom basis.

The company also states that steps can be taken to make the packaging more eco-friendly, including biodegradable polymers obtained from renewable raw materials can be used in the film and lamination can be performed without adhesive.

Swiss-based Trinity haircare will package its products for hair care professionals in upright pouches from this film-paper combination.

René Held, marketing director at Trinity haircare, stated, "In their day-to-day work in their salons, our demanding customers expect not only the highest product quality but also reliable performance under the most varied conditions. At the same time, brand values such as sustainability and environmental consciousness are becoming ever more important in the premium segment. HybraPack perfectly embodies these values by being economical with resources and making use of biodegradable materials."


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