Texen and Dior Partner for Innovative New Mascara Packaging


Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume, the brand’s latest mascara, has gotten an innovative new packaging thanks to Texen.

According to Texen, the users can press the flexible area on the mascara’s packaging and the formula is softened and the brush is charged with creamy product. Both Texen and Dior faced the challenge of mixing flexible and hard surfaces with matte and shiny effects.

The Details:

  • Texen created a two-phase bi-injection process using SEBS and PCTA which created a flexible zone on both sides of the pack to be pressed down by two fingers
  • The tube is easy to grip thanks to a rubbery aspect that was added during development
  • The logo was engraved in the mold and appears in a flexible window while the mass-dyed upper part of the tube displays the brand’s logo hot-stamped in silver
  • The cap is covered with a shiny black aluminum shell with the letters “CD” stamped on
  • The stem holder was developed with the wiper and the formula in order to obtain “the XXL effect”
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