Diamond Packaging Nabs Three PackagePRINTING Excellence Awards


Diamond Packaging won three awards in the 29th annual packagePRINTING Excellence Awards in the sustainability and folding carton categories.

Winners were chosen from hundreds of entries submitted in over 40 different categories. Entries were judged on print quality, functionality, and secondary converting and finishing attributes.


  • Diamond won First Place in the "Sustainability – Folding Cartons" category for its 2015 stained leaded glass-themed corporate calendar, a long-standing company tradition and popular promotional item given to customers and suppliers. The calendar was converted utilizing Clearwater Candesce SBS paperboard and offset printed with four color process inks and three spot colors, DiamondTouch soft touch coating, aqueous coating, and UV gloss spot coating. The header features a stained leaded glass design enhanced with UV gloss spot coating and a foil embossed lead outline, creating a dramatic sense of texture and depth. DiamondTouch soft touch coating provides a striking contrast to the multi-level embossed date and the spot UV gloss finish surrounding it. The middle backers feature three unique sets of foil embossed patterns, each enhanced with UV gloss spot coating. The calendar has a recyclable shipper simulating a grand entrance doorway.  It has a tightly-registered, foil embossed lead outline. Metal Magic provided all of the foil stamping and embossing dies.
  • Diamond won Second Place in the "Sustainability – Folding Cartons" and "Folding Cartons – Offset" categories for Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Cucumber carton. The carton was converted utilizing Tullis Russell Trucard 0 matt recycled paperboard and offset printed with four color process and two PMS inks, in-line with UV matte and DiamondEmboss specialty coating. DiamondEmboss coating enhances the logo and text, and provides a striking contrast to the matte finish surrounding it. Tightly registered multi-level embossed accents (cucumber slices, flower petals, logos, text) complement the graphics. Trucard 0 matt recycled was chosen for its aesthetic and performance characteristics and sustainability attributes. Trucard 0 matt recycled is a premium quality uncoated, mixed sources board containing a minimum of 50% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved de-inked post consumer fiber. The cartons were manufactured using 100% clean, renewable wind energy and produced in a Zero Manufacturing Waste to Landfill (ZMWL) facility.
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