Quadpack Makes Dropper Use a Cinch


Packaging: Easy Dropper 

Company: Quadpack

Description: Quadpack's new addition to its range, Easy Dropper, offers a new gesture that makes it straightforward and fun to use. With a 30ml blown glass bottle and a host of decoration options, this dropper will support a brand looking for a premium, highly-functional system. It features a collar with an integrated locking system.

Turning the collar 90 degrees anti-clockwise unlocks the pack, allowing the user to remove the dropper. The teat has a neck that slides into the collar and reveals a slim spoid when it is slid out for use. After use, the spoid slides back into the collar, which can be turned 90 degrees clockwise to lock it securely in place. Easy Dropper can be used with liquid formulas such as serums, oils, foundations and hair treatments. It is scheduled for launch in late spring 2016. 

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