VariBlend's Mixing it Up with 5 New Dispensers


Packaging: 40mm MidiMix Variable Dispensers in five varieties: Variable, Regimen, A or B Simple Select, Fixed Ratio 50/50 and Super Select 

Company:  VariBlend 

Description: VariBlend now offers five versions of its 40mm MidiMix variable dispenser for cosmetics and personal care products that require small to medium dosages. The 40mm family includes: Variable, which permits any setting and mix; Regimen, for daily or weekly treatment and varying mix (e.g., Week 1 80/20, Week 2 60/40, etc.); A or B Simple Select, for A or B only at 100 percent, for “before/after” treatments; Fixed Ratio 50/50, which now includes a locking position; and Super Select, which allows a choice of A or B (Simple Select), or 50/50.

As a result, the dispensers offer custom-blending of colors and scents, varying strengths and intensities, separation of ingredients and more. The 40mm family is available in a variety of bottle sizes (such as the 15, 20 and 30ml) as well as airless and non-airless, with nozzle combinations that include single-, dual-, and spout-nozzle.

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