Function Meets Appearance: New Packaging Trends in Functional and Shelf Appeal

As every beauty brand owner and marketer knows, the package is important in beauty products, and in the video “Innovative Packaging Products Combine Shelf Appeal with Functionality,” Euromonitor International’s senior packaging research analyst Karine Dussimon discusses how trends in sensory are pushing both the appeal and the functionality of beauty products.

Dussimon says, “Attending a major packaging materials and machinery event like Interpack is a good way for us to take the pulse of global packaging markets. To get a sense of the key trends [and] topics in the industry, and also to see the latest innovations.

“Shelf appeal and pack functionality were definitely amongst some of the key drivers behind the packaging trends that came through and also behind the new developments showcased at the event. Looking at how great a demand a demand for shelf appeal and pack convenience are being addressed by the packaging industry, some particularly interesting examples are when both goals are being combined.

“Now generally, there are a number of initiatives from various trade associations that aim at further addressing the need for packaging to be easier to use for all types of consumers. There’s a concept called accessible design, and that really came through during the event as well.

“Enhancing shelf visibility and pack functionality is not only happening in foods. We’re also seeing this in beauty and personal care. An example of this is the latest Rénergie Life Reviva-Concentrate product—it’s a premium anti-aging product launched by Lancôme in the U.S. So hot stamping has been used to produce a metalized look, which conveys the premium image and, of course, catches the eye of the shopper. But also, there is an innovative closer that enables the container to be twisted open or closed with a click finish [and] with the closure remaining screwed on the container. So for the user, it’s a much more compact product with a neat open-close system that minimizes the risk of product spillage,” she concludes.

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