November 2014 Packaging Launches from Fusion Packaging, Aptar and More

Fusion Packaging introduced Direct Effect, a collection of tube-based direct applicators for targeted treatment available in both 16 mm and 19 mm tube diameters with capacities ranging from 5 mL to 20 mL. Designed to be gentle, efficient and precise, the collection features 15 customizable styles in three series. Designed using Fusion’s SmartSeal closures, these applicators are engineered to eliminate flow when sealed.

The Rollerball Series is comprised of eight single-roller and triple-roller applicators. Offered in ceramic, polypropylene (PP), or stainless steel, the Rollerball and Tri-Steel Rollerball distributes product to targeted areas. The Soft-Slope Series features five ergonomically angled styles—Vented, Stimulating and three Center-Dispensing options—that contour to the face and body for precise application. The Pro-Tip Series has two unique applicators, Brush Tip and Spatula Tip, that allow for controlled and hygienic application and maximum product penetration. 

Bioplan created a lipstick sampler comprised of a small spatula with the lipstick hot moulded onto the end and covered with a one-use disposable blister pack. The sampler was designed to be easy to use and to offer consumers a method of testing the color, richness, finish and application of a real lipstick in an optimal, hygienic way. 

Aptar Beauty + Home expanded its SofTips product line with a direct to hair or skin sensory application closure with a 20-410 neck finish. The SofTips valve technology is designed to deliver precise dispensing control and product cut-off of viscous formulas and serums, and the soft, tactile feel of the silicone valve is intended to create a unique experience for the consumer.

Aptar also introduced Glide, a hoodless accessory technology that locks with a gliding motion similar to finger swipes used on smart devices. Designed for one-hand-dispensing, Glide can be un-locked with a sideward movement of the thumb and actuated with the index finger. The grooved surface of the finger pad enhances ease of use. Audible clicks and a covered orifice indicate when the actuator is locked or ready to use. Glide fits on the industry standard 1 inch mounting cup, and multiple spray insert options are available. 

M&H Plastics, part of the RPC Group of companies, produced a metallic finish tube with a color-matched metallized cap for Cloud 9 Skin Solutions. The tubes range from 50 mL through to 150 mL and use clear graphics and color coding to identify the respective treatments. 

In reaction to growing market demand for mini products, Mega Airless created Nano, a range of airless mini dispensers. Available in 5 mL, 10 mL and 15 mL formats, Nano is designed for easy filling on high-speed standard lines. Nano can also be personalized with a large choice of colors and decoration techniques (silk-screening, labeling and hot-stamping). The dispensers are entirely recyclable. 

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