Early 2015 Packaging Launches from MWV, Topline and More

MeadWestvaco Corporation (MWV) added Amplify to its skin care dispensing portfolio. Amplify is an airless solution that combines the convenience of a pump-on-a-tube with the protection and soft actuation of the company’s patented Rolling Bellow engine technology, and designed to provide comfortable, easy delivery; consistent and controlled dispensing; product protection; and a convenient, on-the-go experience. 

Topline Products introduced the Air-Tight Mini Crayon, a mini-sized and airtight design for the latest long wear and waterproof formulations for lips and eyes. Although shorter than other bullet-style packaging on the market, Topline’s airtight packaging, in five new bullet shapes, has a higher fill weight—four grams versus around three grams in the full-sized version. 

Aptar Beauty + Home dispensers and closures were utilized for Kenra’s new line of retail after-care products. Kenra anti-frizz mask is topped by the 2-inch Disc Top closure, the anti-frizz styling spray is topped by the EuroLock twist-to-lock fine mist spray, the anti-frizz oil is topped by the Cardinal lotion dispenser and anti-frizz crème is topped by the Flamingo twist-to-lock lotion dispenser.

Aptar Beauty + Home also provided the consumer-friendly 2-inch Purity tube top for Johnson’s Baby Intense Moisture Cream. 

Qosmedix introduced two TSA compliant travel sized bottle sets containing clear empty cosmetic packaging containers, all under 3.4 oz. The 5-Piece Travel Set includes one lotion pump bottle, two spray bottles and two flip top bottles. The 10-Piece Travel Set includes one lotion pump bottle, one flip top bottle, one spray bottle, two twist cap bottles, two jars, one funnel, one dropper and one spatula. Both sets are packaged in a reusable clear zipper bag with hang tab. 

Promens introduced wooden caps for its collection of cosmetic jars. According to the company, wood brings benefits such as a high perceived value, a new sensorial experience and emotion. In conjunction with a plastic cosmetic packaging, it gives a sense of luxury, timelessness and elegance. All 100% solid wooden caps from Promens are made from wood sourced from PEFC certified suppliers (those who source from sustainable forests). They are available in several species (though the primary wood for cosmetic applications is ash), and can be worked into an infinite variety of forms, sizes and thickness. After the polishing stage, the wooden caps can be varnished or lacquered. Engraving, laser marking, hot stamping, silk screening and pad printing are the last steps to add more value. The caps require a plastic insert, added at the last stage of production, for functionality. 

Fusion Packaging announced the addition of five new collections to its selection of luxury stock packaging. The Trace, Mod, Haute, Vibe and Crescent collections will provide brands with a wider variety of single- and double-wall packaging solutions. With 19 new bottles and jars ranging in size from 10 mL to 120 mL, these stock collections offer customization options and flexibility in new product launches or repackaging projects. 

Cosfibel Premium is launching a new version of its patented Ultralight coffret—Ultralight Beauty Box, which is both coffret and point-of-sale merchandising display. Designed by Cosfibel’s Creation Committee in 2009, Ultralight caters to a desire for luxury and eco-friendly packaging, providing board that is surprisingly lightweight while remaining stiff and thick. Its streamlined design features wide edges and sharp angles and can be easily recycled. 

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