Airless is More

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There are a number of reasons beauty marketers may choose to go with an airless packaging solution, including defenses against contamination and oxidation, shelf-life longevity, waste minimization, ease of use and more.

Luxe Pack New York, which took place May 13 and 14 in Manhattan, featured a range of airless options.

Busy Lifestyle Packaging Solution

MeadWestvaco Corporation introduced its MiniMod, an airless pump and pouch dispensing system for convenient on-the-go product dispensing of skin care creams, lotions and hair care products.

The system includes a push-button actuator and an Ampac-designed flexible pouch available in 25-ml and 40-ml sizes. Pouch sizes and shapes can also be customized. Marietta Corporation/KIK Custom Products can assist with customers’ product filling needs.

Airless Applicators

Fusion Packaging presented its Direct Effect Airless, piston-driven airless applicators for targeted treatment.

The range includes the Curved Tip Airless, featuring a dual-resin tip and ergonomic curved design that contours the face.

The applicator combines a single-wall polypropylene bottle, collar, overcap and applicator with a smooth, non-porous thermoplastic elastomer tip.

The Single Rollerball Airless combines the effect of stainless steel with a plush TPE ring. The angled applicator is designed to mold to the eye and lip contours.

The Dual Rollerball Airless is a stacked airless double stainless steel rollerball applicator for skin care products. The rollers stimulate the under eye area, promoting circulation and providing de-puffing benefits. The applicator features a matte PP plate and slightly curved profile.

All products are available in 5-ml, 8-ml, 10-ml and 15-ml sizes.

Lacquer Effects

Lacquer effects, by Mega Airless has launched a series of new silkscreen lacquering effects, including wet-look, rough stone and crackled textures for its standard dispensers. The wet effect has a soft feel that can be applied to part or all of a bottle or cap.

Stylish and Functional

Neopac showed its Airless Tube de Luxe, which is made with protective polyfoil and has a mirror high gloss finish. The company's tubes were shown with Aptar’s Evolux and Evoclassic airless pumps.

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