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Luxe Pack New York, held May 13 and 14 in Manhattan, featured a range of beauty packaging products, from functional to sustainable to decorative.

New High Glass showed a child-proof nail polish cap, an easy-open brush with 1-stroke application, spray-coated/silk-screened vials with custom spatulas for liquid foundations and skin care, and luxe fragrance bottles for small orders.

HCP showed off its expertise in unique mascara brushes featuring different twists and cuts, lipsticks and compacts, and more.

Baralan displayed its various nail polish packaging solutions, including an inkwell design and removable overcaps.

SGD North America showed its range of solutions for fragrance and skin care, offering uniqueness in crowded product categories. Effects included crackle finishes, prismatic finishes and more.

Diamond Wipes showcased its covering, filling and packaging capabilities, including facial sheet masks and spout pouches.

The company offers wet wipe contract manufacturing and filling services along with private label services for multiple markets and industries.

Diamond Wipes also highlighted its solar-powered manufacturing and organic certifications.

Pujolasos showed its new line of droppers, which are available in different colors and finishes, offering a unique wood facet to packaging. The products hint at a connection with nature without sacrificing functionality, according to the company. The products can be applied in cosmetics and perfumery.

All the wood the company works with is certified with the PEFC seal, promoting the sustainable overall management of forests, guaranteeing the sustainability of the wood used.

VariBlend showcased its beauty product dispensers, including its MiniMix 20-mm dispenser, 30-ml PET bottle and 40-mm MidiMix variable dispenser.

The 20mm MiniMix is appropriate for lip, eye and face color cosmetics and other on-the-go personal care products based upon fixed or variable delivery ratio of two different formulas.

The 30-mm PET bottle is designed for on-the-go beauty products, especially skin care. The bottle, made by Sonoco, integrates with the VariBlend 40-mm dispenser and incorporates a secure locking design for product integrity, as with packaging where there is no wrap-around label.

The 40-mm MidiMix variable dispenser offers custom blending capability for makers of cosmetics and personal care products that require small-to-medium dosages, according to the company. It is available in a variety of nozzle/container combinations, including single and dual spout nozzles.

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