Arconvert Launches Collection of 14 Self-Adhesive Labels

Acronvert's “Innovation & Inspiration” catalog features 14 labels
Acronvert's “Innovation & Inspiration” catalog features 14 labels

Acronvert's “Innovation & Inspiration” catalog features 14 labels designed by art director Stefano Torregrossa at O,nice! Design Studio about iconic innovators who have revolutionized the industry, according to the company.

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The new range of self-adhesive papers, most of which are FSC certified, include:

  • X-Dry, a waterproof technology
  • High Opacity technology H+O, which maintain the premium brand appeal by preventing the label from losing its opacity and becoming grey in the ice bucket
  • The Ultra WS treatment, combined with the permanent acrylic adhesive SH9020, ensures greater stability of the label on the bottle,avoids the formation of wrinkles and bubbles and improves the label adhesion during temperature leaps.
  • The Greaseproof, demonstrates technology that has pulp added to be a guaranteed anti-stain treatment
  • IDP technology developed together with HP for Indigo digital printing
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