Pregis Opens Innovation Center in Chicago

Pregis Corporation, a global provider of protective, flexible and food service packaging and hospital supply products, announced the opening of its new Innovation Center (IC) in Chicago. The IC is positioned as Pregis’ new developmental “think tank” for the creation of the next generation of protective packaging materials and systems.

“We want to tackle multiple issues such as protective packaging solutions that minimize material usage, while maximizing performance benefits,” says Tom Wetsch, vice president of new product development, Pregis.

Pregis also hopes to take its capabilities to a new, more customized level.

“Packagers want their protective packaging systems to go one step further. This might mean a higher level of automation by providing accessories that increase throughput and minimize labor,” Wetsch adds. “We are looking for ways to facilitate this—either by developing standardized accessory kits or by providing custom solutions.”

To support this initiative, Pregis has added “system specialists” in each of its sales regions. The objective is to help facilitate dialog between customers and IC staffers so that development projects are in sync with marketplace requirements. The company currently operates 47 facilities in 18 countries around the world.

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