Facility Openings, Line Extensions, and More Beauty Packaging News and Launches for Mid October 2013

Albéa announced it finalized an industrial agreement with the Vacheron group, one of whose subsidiaries specializes in the anodization of aluminum parts. Within this framework, Albéa announced it has completed the transfer of its subsidiary Albéa Annecy SAS, which previously belonged to the personal care division of Rexam, to Vacheron Industries.

HCP Packaging is bringing trend-led packaging ranges for autumn/winter 2014/2015 to Luxe Pack Monaco, highlighting cosmetic, skin care and fragrance components that display contemporary and creative finishings combined with directional themes, artwork and color. Included are films set for a spring/summer 2015 release that stimulate an interest for fantasy lifestyles, dubbed Future Tribes. Digi-Punk is all about nostalgia for 90s Internet kitsch and seeing the return of animated gifs, memes and net art, while Parallel Worlds helps provide intrigue, comfort and contemplation. Also on display will be the new stock Magnum range of aluminium containers, which have been designed to bridge the gap between mass, masstige and prestige brands, and new stock Maroc lipstick—a soft, square lipstick with full-size mechanism in 12.1mm or 12.7mm cup—has a bi-injection button at the base that allows for precision color matching.

Axilone, a subsidiary of Ileos, reinforced its industrial capacity by building a new factory in Spain that specializes in metal pressing and anodizing. This investment is geared toward improving production capacity and reducing time to market. Additionally, Axilone announced that at the beginning of 2014, its plastics factory at Guidel in Brittany, France will have a new production line for lacquering and metal plating.

Gerresheimer announced it increased both revenues and net income in the third quarter 2013, with revenue up 1.8% (+4.5% excluding exchange rate effects), to €316.9 million and net income up 31.8% to €19.5 million. Additionally, Gerresheimer announced it will adopt a new structure for the 2014 financial year.

New Launches

Qosmedix developed two new pearl airless jars that can be used to package cream, lotion or oil-based skin care products. Made from durable polypropylene, these airless jars are available in two sizes, 15 and 30 ml. Additionally, the company’s white airless pump with clear overcap (sold separately) is compatible with both sizes. Simply depress the pump to dose out the appropriate amount of product, and the airless technology helps maintain the efficacy of formulations and ensures the product is fully depleted from the jar.

M&H Plastics added a new 30 ml Iris bottle to its portfolio of standard products. The curved shape gives the bottle a premium look, and it would work well as a pack for travel, sample or hotel amenity products. It has a 15/415 neck, which takes a wide range of standard closures, and the Iris line can be manufactured in PVC/PCTG/PETG.

New on the Shelves

Fusion Packaging was selected to develop a new package for hair brand eSalon. The brand chose a 50 ml airless bottle from the Flare stock collection for its new product, Shining Armor Renewing Treatment Oil. As Fusion’s first collaboration with eSalon, the decoration of the Flare bottle is simple and sleek with a contemporary look and feel with a “flared” actuator style. The hot-stamped and silk-screened eSalon logo shown on the bottle is new after having recently gone through a rebranding, and the white bottle and black text along with vibrant red details emphasize their quality while also highlighting the belief that the right hair color can make a difference in a woman’s demeanor. Fusion took eSalon’s new vision to heart, making sure its Shining Armor Renewing Treatment Oil accurately reflected its desired new identity. The airless benefits of the bottle protect the advanced formula and allow for precise dosage.

New from Kao, the KMS California Hair Play Playable Texture Spray is dispensed using the Moritz Twist-To-Lock accessory from Aptar Beauty + Home, while the Attitude Eco-Kids body care products are topped by the Large Symphony Oval Snap Top closure also from Aptar Beauty + Home.

Working to continue making a key connection with consumers, deodorant brand Sure, now owned by Idelle Labs, is being refocused to appeal to women with the promise of, “Lasts All Day.” Beardwood&Co. was tapped by Idelle Labs to develop a new identity, as well as structural and graphic packaging to rekindle brand awareness and communicate its benefits to consumers on shelf. Looking to create a feminine appeal balanced with the strength and protection that are at the core of the brand’s positioning, the team developed a look with a balance of white space and color with cool tones that pop, yet are sophisticated. Central to the identity is a new logo and infinity symbol that consumers in focus groups agreed signified that the product really works. The logo’s strong, modern typeface provides increased legibility and recognition while its dark color pops in contrast to the white package structure. A new custom closure and graphics in a purple color palette help it stand out in a crowded category. Bright pastel hues identify the fragrances for the 5 SKUs while further expressing the positive attitude and trusted protection. And the custom cap and purple color act as a beacon on shelf while also communicating a premium image.

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