Texen Industries Provides Packaging for My Clarins


Clarins selected the Texen Rose Factory to create the packaging for its new My Clarins Line. 

The line is made up of nine "healthy" recipes for beauty and fitness. My Clarins is reportedly ethical and vegan-friendly and meant for women 18-29 years old.

The factory created a collection of lids destined for the day care jars and sleep masks in the range. The injected lid contains two parts that are put together using online assembly which gives the illusion of a single part. 

The top of the jar has a shiny aspect while the inside and lateral areas of the jar are matte. Texen explained that it achieved this look by utilizing specific treatments with the mold. The company also stated that one of the biggest challenges of the packaging's products had to do with the brand's logo: When the lid is screwed on, the pad-printed logo on top is precisely positioned to line up with the décor on the jar itself. Texen used fine-tuned machinery and video monitoring to line up the logo to the nearest millimeter.

The cap was developed in two shades for the three references of Re-Boost day cream and the Re-Charge sleep mask. 

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