Rohrer Offers Update on Tijuana Manufacturing Expansion


As the number of U.S.-based personal care brands and packaging companies expanding their manufacturing to Tijuana and Mexicali grows, so does the need for local packaging partners. As such, Rohrer is kick-starting its expansion in the Latin American nation.

The facility is already producing packaging for several of its key partners, with production live throughout the test phase. “A lot of what we were doing in the beginning as testing was producing good parts, so we’ve been able to move forward quickly,” said Bart Casper, director of research and development.

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The team considers Tijuana to be “conditionally operational,” with a grand opening slated for after the implementation of a formal Quality Management System. “This formal QMS program will document the manufacturing processes already in place and will establish our agreement with our packaging customers moving forward,” added Casper.

The company has had employees from other sites training Tijuana employees to ensure manufacturing knowledge is consistent throughout the organization; when the facility is in full production, there will be nearly 200 people working at the facility (which currently employees 20).

Rohrer currently operates four thermoforming lines in the planet, which it plans to expand significantly. The expansion will enable the company to form more local partners.

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