RPC Bramlage's Magic Pur Airless Dispenser is Pure Magic


The RPC Bramlage Division has introduced a new design to its range of Magic airless dispensers. 

The top-filled Magic Pur dispenser is available in 50 ml and 100 ml versions with a smaller 40 mm diameter. According to the company, the dispenser accurately delivers 1 ml of product each time. 

The airless technology is meant to protect sensitive ingredients found in natural products that are formulated with fewer preservatives.  

Ideal for creams and lotions, the dispenser "combines an elegant and modern appearance on-shelf with user-friendly operation," RPC Bramlage stated. 

In addition, the Magic Pur dispensers can be personalized for brands through printing, hot foil stamping, lacquering, metallization and labeling. 

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