Anisa Previews New Makeup and Skin Care Brushes


Anisa has announced the launch of two new brush collections. 

Anisa's Present Collection comprises three brushes intended for everyday makeup application.

The collection includes:

  • Pinnacle Foundation: A brush meant for cream blush, cream bronzer, cream contour, cream foundation, liquid foundation and tinted moisturizer.
  • Multi-powder: A brush meant for bronzer, highlighter, powder foundation and setting powder.
  • Angled Concealer: A brush meant for color corrector, cream concealer, cream highlighter, liquid concealer and stick concealer.

The Protect Collection includes seven skin care brushes that were created for the application of creams, masks, serums and more. 

The collection includes:

  • Angled Care: A brush meant for primer, sunscreen, tinted moisturizer and treatment masks.
  • All-over Treatment: A brush meant for brightening serum, facial oil, peels, retinol and treatment acids.
  • Detail Treatment: A brush meant for treatment cream, treatment oil, treatment serum and treatment acids.
  • Eye Treatment: A brush meant for eye cream, eye gel, eye primer, eye serum and treatment serum.
  • Spot Treatment: A brush meant for acne treatment, treatment cream, treatment gel, treatment serum and treatment acids.

In addition to the two new collections, Anisa announced the 2020 launch of its Purify Collection, which includes Quick Dry Brush Cleaning Spray, a waterless brush cleaner. The collection will feature dual-purpose cleansers for both facial and brush cleansing.

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