Conair Keeps 'Em Separated with VariBlend Dual Chamber Dispenser


Packaging: VariBlend 49mm 50-50 dual chamber dispenser

Company: VariBlend

Description: VariBlend’s 49mm 50-50 dual chamber dispenser has been selected by Conair to power the new Argan Oil 2-in-1 Beauty Balm Styler. The design of VariBlend’s 49mm 50-50 dispenser, with two chambers and one dispensing head, comes in either single- or dual-nozzle configurations. 

The dispenser is an alternative for makers of personal care formulations that require equal quantities of two ingredients to remain separate until the very moment of use. Such categories include hair care, skin care, sunless tanning, or whenever product requires ingredient separation or need precise mixing and blending at the moment of application.

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