Kenra Professionals and TricorBraun Partner for First Snail CC Hair Creme


Inspired by Korean companies formulating beauty products infused with snail extract, Kenra Professionals created its Snail CC Creme for hair care and partnered with TricorBraun to create the packaging as well as the graphic design of the product’s label.

TricorBraun was given the responsibility of elevating the Kenra Platinum brand above the Kenra Professional brand with the design of the 2.5 fluid ounce and 1 fluid ounce tubes selected, as well as for future shampoo and conditioner packaging.

According to TricorBraun, the larger stock tube has a customized metal overshell on the collar and an airless pump dispensing system with a clear cap. The smaller stock tube has a snap-on, flip top closure and is a squeeze dispensing system.

With the help of TricorBraun, the company selected a blue shade for the Snail CC Creme packaging, which strays from its signature silver packaging. According to the company, it wanted to evoke a high end, classy appearance.

Stephanie Smith, senior brand manager at Kenra Professionals, explained “We landed on the blue base color because it had a premium look and stood out on shelf.”

Creating the image for the snail itself was an important task on its own, according to Molly Fuehrmeyer, graphic design manager at TricorBraun.

Fuehrmeyer stated, “Initially, they didn't want anything that looked too much like an actual snail so what I developed was influenced by the shell shape or Fibonacci spiral – a much more abstract look. Later, it was decided that we collect different options of a realistic snail illustration and in the end that is where we landed."

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