Sephora Commits to Inclusivity with Platform, Manifesto


Sephora is joining the ranks of several of the brands it carries—including Fenty and Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture —in vocalizing its commitment to making the beauty sphere welcome to all.

The company has announced the creation of “We Belong to Something Beautiful,” a platform and ethos centered around making the beauty space more inclusive, reports Bustle. Part of the platform is a manifesto, reading:

“Sephora Believes in championing all beauty, living with courage, and standing fearlessly together to celebrate our differences. We will never stop building a community where diversity is expected, self-expression is honored, all are welcome, and you are included.”

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One of the first actions will be shutting down all of the company’s stores, call centers and distribution centers, as well as its San Francisco-based headquarters, for an hour on June 5, 2019, to engage in a dialogue with its more than 16,000 employees regarding the “commitment to inclusivity, how to continue fostering a sense of belonging, and how trainings will keep these moments continuing long beyond June 5.”

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