[interview] Nailboo Expands into Walmart

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Nailboo is expanding into 2,200 Walmart stores nationwide.

Nailboo has amassed more than one million customers since its launch in 2018.

It is the No. 5 nail care brand in 2,700 Sally Beauty stores.

Global Cosmetic Industry spoke to Raz Romanescu, CEO and co-founder of Underlining, about the brand's recent expansion.

What does the Walmart expansion represent for Nailboo's growth/success?

[RR]: Nailboo is very excited about our Walmart expansion and partnership. We share the same values in terms of providing customers high quality products at affordable prices.

Will there be any Walmart exclusive products in the future? 

[RR]: We are committed to nurturing the Walmart relationship and would absolutely be open to Walmart exclusive products.

How will this partnership further propel Nailboo? 

[RR]: Nailboo’s Walmart partnership is a perfect match. Nailboo has a tremendous social media presence and marketing budget. Nailboo products generates hundreds of millions of views every quarter and our customers can now easily find our brand where they shop.    

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