The Beauty of Online Cosmetics: How to Grow Your Business Safely


The global cosmetics market is expected to hit $390 billion by 2020, and based on current trends, e-commerce will be a main engine driving overall industry growth. But in a commodity-based market, even booming sales are no guarantee that consumers will keep returning to your online store. Providing a positive shopping experience becomes critical for nurturing and gaining loyal customers.

A big part of this is ensuring that online fraud prevention measures aren’t causing undue harm. Merchants need to learn what characterizes legitimate online shopping behavior and tailor their strategy to account for industry-specific risks and trends. Riskified has extensive experience protecting beauty merchants from card-not-present fraud. Read our latest report on managing e-commerce fraud in online cosmetics to get insights into unique shopping patterns and best practices for effectively reviewing transactions without hurting the shopping experience. 

Download Riskified’s Report on eCommerce Fraud in the Cosmetics Industry.


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