[video] Shopping Beauty Influencers' Makeup Looks Just Got Easier with ShopThat


Social shopping is perhaps one of the most powerful catalysts for change within the beauty and personal care industry. A new social selling marketplace, ShopThat, has launched to make shopping beauty influencers' makeup looks even more seamless for consumers. 

ShopThat is powered by Facebook Messenger and does not require the user to download an app, create an account or visiting a website.  

Ami Moore, founder and CEO of ShopThat, explains what makes it different than other apps and services of this nature, "For starters, we're not an app. You just like a shoppable post, then we send you a Facebook message that lets you directly shop all the products from the post. You see it, you like it. Seconds later, you own it."

How it Works:

  • Visit launch.shopthat.io to activate ShopThat in Facebook Messenger
  • Connect your Instagram/YouTube accounts
  • Like a shoppable post, denoted by ShopThat's emojis
  • ShopThat sends you a message that lets you shop all the products from the post
  • Checkout, right in Messenger
  • Every time followers buy products from your shoppable post, you receive a commission

Beauty influencers can join ShopThat here: shopthat.io/influencers

Retailers can join ShopThat here: shopthat.io/retailers 

For more information, please visit www.shopthat.io

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