Laura Geller Beauty's Beauty Bar Takes Up Social Shopping with Blucarat

Blucarat, a developer of socially enabled commerce solutions for online retailers, announced the availability of its Blucarat Social, a solution to seamlessly integrate shopping communities into online commerce sites and facilitate rich social interactions that generate new purchases. Laura Geller Beauty deployed Blucarat Social on and, in weeks, saw improvements in conversion rates, order values and time on site via its Blucarat Social-enabled Beauty Bar.

Blucarat Social is a cloud-based solution used by e-commerce companies to create, moderate and market to communities directly on their native websites. Now friends, family, like-minded shoppers and product experts can connect directly on commerce sites to share questions, curated collections, product reviews and purchase inspirations. Leveraging its patent-pending Social Commerce Core technologies, Blucarat algorithms match community members to fellow shoppers and products that precisely correspond to their interests. Commerce site visitors can collaboratively shop—and create new purchase paths for others—through a customized opt-in Social Bar that appears directly on the retailer’s site.

“Blucarat is built on the belief that that online shoppers rely on purchase affirmations from friends and family today but do so in a clumsy, 'out-of-band' way. We help retailers create social shopping communities directly within their online shops. Laura Geller Beauty has built an extremely loyal social community that is now activated directly on their commerce site,” said Blucarat CEO and founder Tom C. Kwon.

Laura Geller Beauty has a community of more than 100,000 “Geller Girls” whose deep knowledge of cosmetics and their proper application is now an invaluable boon for the brand and consumers alike. Blucarat Social empowers this community by creating an "in-store forum" where Geller Girls post and answer questions, create and share online make up kits, chat in real time and much more.

During six months of deployment on the Laura Geller website, Blucarat Social has generated significant improvements in several areas key to online retailers. Users that logged into the Beauty Bar solution had a 49% increase in conversion rate compared to non-community members. Per visit value was 59% higher and the number of pages visited was 22% higher than those not using the Beauty Bar.

“Laura Geller began in 1993 with a simple purpose: to teach women the how-to of cosmetics and the hands-on technique to master their application,” said Alyce Cucurullo, president and COO of Laura Geller Beauty. “That vision is now made global through technological innovations unimaginable then. We are proud of the successes we’ve enjoyed with Blucarat Social and are excited about the many new enhancements forthcoming.”

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