Oat Cosmetics Rolls Out with New Roles


Oat Cosmetics has announced the appointment of two Tim Fielder, chairman and Cara Dewis, head of product development.

Fielder is replacing Nigel Freer, who retired after five years. Fielder’s experience in executive management comes from global IT and logistics corporations, in addition to running his own business.

Meanwhile, Dewis, who will work toward sourcing and launching new ingredients, joined the company’s marketing department in 2012 and is returning to this new role after maternity leave.

“These appointments reflect Oat Cosmetics continual growth drive and commitment to innovation,” said Cark Maunsell, managing director of Oat Cosmetics. “Cara’s creative attitude and chemistry background, alongside her deep understanding of the personal care sector is ideally suited to this new role and as chairman, Tim will bring new direction and guidance to ensure that the company remains outward looking and progressive in all that it does.”

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