Bench Top Meter

A simple to use bench top viscometer, for testing minute samples, which can distinguish between boiling (0.284 CPS) and ambient water (1.06 CPS) is being introduced by Norcross Corporation. The Norcross LabPak Viscometer is a mechanical device that utilizes a piston to measure time-of-fall up to 20 seconds, with accuracy to within 0.1 second. Capable of measuring changes in viscosity as small as 0.02 CPS, depending upon the water- or solvent-based liquids being measured, it displays viscosity in Norcross seconds time-of-fall. Featuring a removable sleeve that accommodates samples down to 6 ml, as well as larger samples in beakers, the machine consists of all stainless steel wetted parts and open rod construction. Easy to clean, this laboratory viscometer works under atmospheric pressure, has a 3-way 24 VDC air valve, and requires 40 psi dry air and 100/240 VAC.
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