Lubrizol Opens New Jersey Lab

Lubrizol Advanced Materials Inc. is expanding the global reach of its Noveon Consumer Specialties products and services and its ability to meet the needs of local and multinational customers with the opening of a personal care laboratory in Piscataway, N.J., USA.

The laboratory builds on a global network of facilities to support the personal care industry. Initially, the laboratory will employ four scientists, with the capacity to expand for future growth. The lab will collaborate with other Noveon Consumer Specialties hair care labs globally on technical projects and on bringing new technologies and support to customers.

The goal reportedly is to enable customers to benefit from products and solutions in the marketplace. With the necessary equipment and array of instruments, the laboratory fosters the development and evaluation of new technologies as well as the development of product applications for hair care and other personal care segments.There are a number of instruments available to measure hair care properties such as high humidity curl retention, stiffness, combing force, durability, single hair tensile strength, film tensile strength, friction film, film tack, gel strength, and hair volume. Additional support capabilities are available in Cleveland and globally including contact angle, surface tension, CMC determination, refractive index, DMTA, thermogravimetric analysis, sensory panel testing and salon evaluations. For more information, visit

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