WWP Beauty x Scentinvent Technologies Launch Essence Collection

Essence Collection by WWP Beauty, powered by Scentinvent Technologies.
Essence Collection by WWP Beauty, powered by Scentinvent Technologies.

WWP Beauty has partnered with Scentinvent Technologies, a scent invention company, to debut its Essence Collection.

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The Essence Collection by WWP Beauty, powered by Scentinvent Technologies, is a portable fragrance in solid format, ideal for on-the-go use. The clear, solid texture melts onto the skin with a velvet-like finish and contains ingredients that offer hydration and soothing and antioxidant benefits.

This fragrance is packaged in WWP Beauty’s new delivery systems and will offer a sensorial experience with the ability to adjust or add color, sparkle, shine or shimmer.

The proprietary formulation is the first solid fragrance format on the market to combine fragrance with color and ingredients that are good for the skin, and that are 100% alcohol free, per WWP.

WWP Beauty is bringing The Essence Collection to the market in the form of three collections. Each collection has been designed to target a specific sector of the beauty industry, showcasing how brands in every space can play with color, packaging and fragrance.

Josh Kirschbaum, CEO of WWP Beauty said, “The Essence Collection powered by Scentinvent Technologies truly is the future of fragrance. Our company could not be prouder to partner with the award-winning creators and entrepreneurs of Scentinvent Technologies, Abby Wallach and Caroline Fabrigas, to bring this female-led innovation to beauty brands globally. We know this product is going to disrupt the fragrance industry and empower brands to offer a new, fresh way to let their consumers experience fragrance unlike never before."

Abby Wallach and Caroline Fabrigas, co-founders of Scentinvent Technologies, LLC said, “We are thrilled to have the full support of Josh and the WWP Beauty team to capitalize on our many years of work in perfecting our Scentinvent Technologies innovations to bring them to the beauty industry on a global scale."

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