4 Trends to Define 2019


A recent Mintel reporta outlined key trends driving consumer’s lives in 2019 and beyond.

1. Holistic and tailored wellbeing solutions

Consumers seek out wellness solutions based on their particular needs, Mintel argues.

Key stat: 42% of British consumers are interested in a personalized diet based on their genes/DNA.

2. Exiting the comfort zone

Consumers are increasingly seeking out new and enriching experiences.

Key stat: 32% of Canadian consumers who have attended a live event say they learn about live events from social media.

3. Consumer responsibility and activism

Shoppers are more and more likely to consider their own responsibility in preserving the planet.

Key stat: 58% of Chinese consumers aged 20-49 who are focused on quality of life, rather than mere material wealth, are willing to pay more for ethical brands.

Similarly, brand and corporate behavior are being scrutinized by the public more than ever before. Corporations must be self-aware and prepared for controversies, ideally before they occur.

Key stat: 16% of U.S. Hispanic social media users have boycotted brands based on things they learned on social media.

4. Digital mediation of relationships

With offline interactions increasingly subsumed by digital communications, a sense of disconnect has grown.

Key stats: 34% of Brazilian millennials aged 19-35 say they prefer to contact companies/brands online rather than in-store or over the phone, while 33% of U.S. consumers agree they would rather interact with people online than in-person.


aFor the full report and details, visit www.mintel.com.

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