Pinterest Unveils Emerging Beauty Trends for 2018


The 4th annual Pinterest 100 report has been released and is chock-full of predictions for beauty trends that Pinterest users are excited about for 2018.

According to Pinterest, in 2017, the number of beauty pinners reached a whopping 48 million and beauty pins saw a 75% year over year increase. Pinners are reportedly spending their time on the social networking site "looking to the experts for the latest products to try and buy, and tips and tutorials for everyday looks and special occasions."

10 Beauty Trends Pinterest Users are Loving 

  • Lashes: Searches for lashes increased by 152%, specifically for long, lush lashes and how to get them
  • Oil: Saves, or pins, for cleansing oil increased by 555%, including uses for soft skin, smoother hair and shinier lips
  • Shade inclusivity: Saves for complexion matching increased by 378%, showcasing new shade-inclusive foundations
  • Bye, bye bob?: Saves for long hair and pixie cuts increased by 130%, signaling users are opting for hair "extremes" instead of the happy medium
  • Nailed it: Searches for geometric nails increased by 83%, including looks with geometric and negative space designs
  • Neon eye looks: Searches for bright eyeshadow, specifically neon underliner and inner shadow, increased by 63%
  • Facial rollers: Saves for derma rollers increased by 345%, users showed an interest in ice, derma, jade and quartz rollers
  • The kit is "it": Makeup kit saves increased by 147%, perhaps due to the intimidation of the beauty aisle and the desire to curate their own
  • Tint those lips: Saves for lip tints increased by 414%, specifically pins pertaining to sheer or matte tints
  • Slick-back styles: Saves for slicked back and wavy hairstyles increased by 166% 
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