Faber-Castell Cosmetics Debuts New Packaging and Color Trends

Lush Lips
Lush Lips

During Cosmopack 2018 in Bologna, Faber-Castell Cosmetics introduced its latest packaging innovations and color trends. 

According to the company, hybrid textures for brow styling, metallic gloss, liquid liners, hydra-light lip stains with 3D-effect gloss and pigment-rich liners were on display for Cosmopack attendees to see. 

Fun with Freckles 

Faber-Castell Cosmetics showcased two ways for consumers to play around with faux freckles. The bubble-shaped tip of the company's stamping tool allows water-based ink to be dabbed onto the skin, giving a freckle-like appearance. Blush freckles and blue metallic freckles were both on display. 

Bold and Browtiful

Brow Styler Soft Tint is a water-based formula that offers a medium-sheer tint to eyebrows. It is intended to be worn all day without smudging, fading or smearing. The Styler's applicator has a slanted tip to achieve fine and medium-bold lines. 

Magnetic Brow Delight utilizes both powders and waxes to achieve buildable, blendable coverage. The company explains dry emollients provide a lightweight feel while spherical texturing agents deliver a perfect glide. The airtight, sharpenable slim plastic line can be customized in any color and with a shiny, matte, pearly or metallic finish. 

Everyone Loves Eyeliner

Eye Styler Hypnotic is a liquid eyeliner intended to last for up to 12 hours. The matte and metallic ink is quick drying and won't smudge or run. The Styler brush provides users with deep, crease-proof lines in one stroke. 

Magnetic High Voltage is a metallic eye and lip liner. The eyeliner is meant to last for up to 20 hours while the lip liner lasts for up to 10 hours. The Magnetic packaging offers an airtight, sharpenable slim plastic line.

Eyeshadow Envy 

Glossy Eyes is a metallic eyeshadow with oil-slick effect. The eyeshadow contains a balanced combination of waxes and oils is easily blendable and, together with reflective particles, creates an intense oil-slick effect. The texture was created to melt into the crease, thus creating a dimensional effect. The wooden shadow liner applies texture easily and precisely.

Sensual Eyes is an 8-hour "cream to sheen" eyeshadow. The eyeshadow's creamy texture can be blurred on the eyelids to achieve a shimmery finish. The combination of waxes, emollient and soft focus powder offers an easy application without leaving an oily residue. 

Read My Lips 

Lip Secret are lip liners with a staining effect that aims to prevent feathering. The wooden triangular pencil, with its ergonomic shape and grip zone, ensures a controlled and precise application. 

Lip Styler Tinted Love is a medium sheer lip tint. The water-based formula was created to last for up to 10-hours while offering a staining effect. The Styler's brush tip can be used to line and fill the lips. 

Lush Lips is a lip tint/lip gloss duo. The tint offers a highly pigmented look that, once dried, can be paired with the lip gloss. The gloss was created to offer a 3D effect to the lips. The packaging features the Modular Capillary System with a bulk stick and soft cone-tip, for precise lining and filling. 

Iconic Lips is a lipstick/lip liner duo. The liner offers rich color to the lips and prevents feathering. The lipstick contains shea butter, Panthenol and vitamin E and offers deep color to the lips. The packaging is the wooden Jumbo Duo with 4-millimeter and 8-millimeter lead diameter.

Silk Sensation is a matte lipstick containing a mixture of mattifying powders and non-shiny oils. The formula offers an opaque, matte finish for up to six hours. The wooden Jumbo reportedly unites the precision of a liner with the convenience of a lipstick.

Nailed It!

S.O.S. Corrector Pen is a tool intended to correct nail polish mistakes. The packaging's Modular Capillary System has a tip reservoir that can be used to change and replace a used tip.

S.O.S. Manicure Pen is a took intended to soften cuticles while also removing and repairing the nail. The packaging's Classic Capillary System, has a pusher cap with an integrated nail file.

S.O.S. Prep & Prime works in three steps:

  • Integrated nail file designed to gently smooth the nail surface.
  • Liquid dissolver gently removes any excess oil for a clean nail surface. 
  • Nails are then ready for further treatment or nail enhancement. 


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