Beauty Kits by Ah-Shi Beauty

Ah-Shi Beauty offers three beauty kits
Ah-Shi Beauty offers three beauty kits

Ah-Shi Beauty, a skin care and makeup brand that is Indigenous Black-owned and -operated, offers three beauty kits for makeup application.

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The kits are:

  • Ah-Shi Essentials; The Blender - Blender Sponge, Camera Ready Primer, Setting Spray ($75) 
  • Brows Kit 1;  5 Shade Brow Pallet with double head brow brush, Retractable Brow Brush, Brow Fixx ($90) 
  • Pro Kit;  Face Pallet, Flawless Foundation, Maximize Mascara, Brow Fixx, Lipstick, Foundation Brush, Contour Brush, seven piece Brush Set ($186)
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