Most Searched-for Beauty Brands Analysis

The top brands include Avon, The Body Shop and Yves Rocher.
The top brands include Avon, The Body Shop and Yves Rocher.

Flawless, a U.K.-based aesthetic surgery education hub, has released a study on the world's most searched-for brands, in partnership with Google search analytics site SEMrush. The study analyzed the average monthly search volumes* for 15 notable makeup brands listed on Brandirectory’s 2021 "Global 500" report.

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The study showed Avon was the most loved brand, ranking number one in 37 out of 119 countries. It reached an average of 1 million searches a month in Brazil alone, with a total worldwide of 2,320,340 searches.

The Body Shop came in second. It was featured in 28 countries and received more than 2 million searches monthly. 

Oriflame and Yves Rocher tied with 25 countries each claiming them as their favorite.

Out of the 15 makeup brands, five did not appear on any countries' favorite list. This includes: Guerlain, Lancôme, Clarins, Benefit and Bobbi Brown.

Each continent’s favorite brand is listed below:

  • Africa: Avon (54,040 total search volume)

  • Asia: The Body Shop (169,840 total search volume)

  • Europe: Yves Rocher (3,826,400 total search volume)

  • Oceania: The Body Shop (179,800 total search volume)

  • North America: Avon (16,400 total search volume)

  • South America: Avon (1,312,700 total search volume)

*A note on the methodology: Each brand was input into SEMrushto find the number of times every brand had been searched on Google on average per month in each country. (Data was only available for 119 countries out of the 196 under consideration.) The brand that had the highest search volume in a country was determined to be that country’s favorite. All data was collected on May 21, 2021.

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