FanLoveBeauty New Vegan Lip Balm Brand

Vegan lip balm brand FanLoveBeauty
Vegan lip balm brand FanLoveBeauty

FanLoveBeauty vegan lip balm brand was created for those who inspire, educate or entertain our society and for those who aspire to be them, according to the company.

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The brand's first collection, The Stage Balm, is inspired by speakers and those "who talk a lot" as they both experience dry lips. The Stage Balm launches August 7 in celebration of National Speaker's Day.

Founder and cosmetic chemist Ginger King developed the 100% natural and vegan moisturizing lip balm infused with superfoods such as mango, avocado, flaxseed oil, as well as natural sea asparagus reportedly known to boost moisturization by up to 6,000%.

FanLoveBeauty is free from:

  • Petrolatum
  • Lanolin
  • Beeswax

King said, “Speakers' lips can feel dry, especially since their long speaking engagement schedule may not allow them to drink enough water. A moisturizing lip balm packed with healthy, good-for-you ingredients thus become essential especially lip balms could be ingested inadvertently.”


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